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News Article

A Pedicab Driver

Me and Pedicab Drver, Mr. Slamet.

Becak (Pedicab) is a three-wheeled mode of transportation that is commonly found in Indonesia and also in parts of Asia. normal capacity becak are two passengers and a driver. Mr. Slamet was born on August 01, 1957 in Banyumas, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. he grew up in Sokaraja Lor, Jl. Turmudzi RT 02 RW11. he is alumni of Elemntary Shool 1 of Sokaraja (SDN 1 Sokaraja). 

Mr. Slamet work as a pedicab driver. he bought a newest pedicab on 1998 with the price Rp1.000.000,00 and he has been do it since 1987 until now. he wants to be street hawker, because he feels so tired with his body and his distance from his base (RSUD Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo) about 3 miles. Mr. Slamet is a disclipined person, he teaches me to not waste my time and he started working as a pedicab driver 07:00 a.m. - 04;00 p.m. and he wish to the goverment in banyumas to border Ojek Online so that his job can work and earn money and his average revenue per day is Rp 50.000,00.

Mr. Slamet has two sons, his sons has been work in jakarta and he feels so lonely at home, just stay with his wife, "For me, my wife, Daryati is everything, she is 60 years old and family is something that's very precious, because nothing can replace the role of the family in this world. that’s a place where i could find a peaceful and everlasting affection. i really love my family. my family consists of four people they are my wife and my sons. Although we are just a small family, our affection to each other is very large. i’m very proud of them." Said Mr. Slamet.

When Mr. Slamet tell me about bad experience, he has bad experience in his life, he has cheated by his friend, In the early morning his friend borrow a pedicab, but until now not been restored, I was shocked heard about his bad experience and fo me Mr. Slamet is a patient person. before come back to campus i told him about hobby and politic in indonesia, his hobby is poultry farming, he's like poultry farming because he loves animals so much and he was answered  about politic, "this era more difficult then Soeharto's era and his favourite political party is GOLKAR and his favourite president was Soeharto." Mr. Slamet Said.

Selasa, 11 April 2017

Short Story

The Dangerous Accident Of My Life

Yep! I like ridin' a bike. I learned to ride a bike when i was 6 years old. My bike was Polygon.
Polygon bike is a Worldwide Bicycle manufacturer that operates manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. Polygon has globally connected design team, high-tech factories and almost 25 years of experiences in the cycling industry.

When i was kid, On March 13 2005. After school, i ridin' a bike with my friend, his name's Maulana and i ridin' a bike so fast and Maulana too. I ride it across my neighborhood. When i started going into my turn and out of the corner of my eyes, i saw someone ridin' motorcyle so fast and this motorcycle was comin' right at me, CCRRRAAAACK!!! He hit me and i remember screamin' "Agghhrrr" and crying and i was thinkin' i pray to god that i'm gonna be alright. i coudn't my instep where hurtin' so bad and my ankle too. I looked some people so far away from me and he was comin' up and i remember he said "Don't Cry, Be Quiet. I'll Take You To The hospital" and Maulana was shocked. Therefore, Maulana wants to go to my home and Maulana told my mother "Ilham was accident" and then i don't remember i was in a hospital bed. My instep was killin' me and my ankle too.

My mother walked into my room, my mother looked shocked and she came over and hugged me and held me for a long time.

Senin, 03 April 2017

Movie Review


Sing Street is a 2016 musical film co written, co produced & directed by John Carney. Starring Lucy Boyton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Jack Reynor, Kelly Thornton & Ferdia Walsh-Peelo.The strory revolves around a boy starting a band to impress a girl in 1980s Ireland. it is an tnternational co production from ireland, US & UK. The film had it's world premiere at sundance Film Festival on 24 January 2016. It was released in Ireland on 17 March 2016. in the US On 15 April and in the UK On 20 May 2016.


In 1980s, a Dublin teenager (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) forms a rock 'n' roll band to win the heart of an aspiring model (Lucy Boynton). SING STREET takes us back to 1980s Dublin seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy named Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) who is looking for a break from a home strained by his parents' relationship and money troubles, while trying to adjust to his new inner-city public school where the kids are rough and the teachers are rougher. He finds a glimmer of hope in the mysterious, ├╝ber-cool and beautiful Raphina (Lucy Boynton), and with the aim of winning her heart he invites her to star in his band's music videos. There's only one problem: he's not part of a band...yet. She agrees, and now Conor must deliver what he's promised - calling himself "Cosmo" and immersing himself in the vibrant rock music trends of the decade, he forms a band with a few lads, and the group pours their heart into writing lyrics and shooting videos. Inspired by writer/director John Carney's life and love for music.

Directed: John Carney

Produced: Anthony Bregman, John Carney, Kevin Scott Frakes, Christian Grass, Martina Niland, Raj Brinder Singh & Paul Trijbits

Genre: Musical

Screenplay: John Carney

Story:John Carney &Simon Carmody

Starring: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Aidan Gillen & Jack Reynor Kelly Thornton

Cinematography: Yaron Orbach

Edited: Andrew Marcus & Julian Ulrichs

Production companies : Likely Story, Merced Media, PalmStar Entertainment, FilmNation Entertainment, Irish Film Board, Cosmo Films, Distressed Films & FilmWave

Distributed: The Weinstein Company (United States) & Lionsgate (United Kingdom)

Release date: 24 January 2016 (Sundance), 17 March 2016 (Ireland), 15 April 2016 (United States), 20 May 2016 (United Kingdom).

Running time: 105 minutes

Country: Ireland, United States & United Kingdom

Language: English

Budget: $4 million

Box office: $13.6 million


I thought SING STREET movie was shows us a world where music has the power to take us away from the turmoil of everyday life and transform us into something greater and i wish more people know about this movie and I hope there will be a season 2!


Ferdia Walsh-Pello as Conor

Lucy Boynton as Raphina

Jack Reynor as Brendan Lawlor

Aidan Gillen as Robert Lawlor

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Penny Lawlor

Kelly Thornton as Ann Lawlor

Ben Carolan as Darren

Mark McKenna as Eamon

Percy Chamburuka as Ngig

Conor Hamilton as Larry

Karl Rice as Garry

Ian Kenny as Barry

Don Wycherley as Brother Baxter

Lydia McGuinness as Miss Dunne

Minggu, 19 Maret 2017



Tall and brawny like touch the sky,
The color of mountain and the color of sky looks quiet,
They soar so high,
Looks spooky, so great.

Covered in a mist,
You can feel fresh air,
By the cold wind blows,
Awe, how wonderful god is creation.

You can hear sound of water,
You can hear sound of nature,
The river bottom to munch grass,
The flapping of wings as a birds soared up over a river.

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017


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Hello Everyone!
First of all, Big thanks to god who has given me the grace to be a writer in this blog and thanks to my lecture Mr. Rosyid Dodiyanto who always gives me knowledge about how to write English very well. My name's Ilham Pamungkas, I'm a student of Engish Diploma Program at Jenderal Soedirman University (UNSOED), Indonesia.

I wish this blog could be useful and make the reader know more about information that I shared and I'm an amateur blogger, so wish you can understand me and i wish this blog can give lot of good information.

I wish you will enjoy to visiting my blog and thank you for visiting my blog.